. Traffic in the a

nd road▓s blocked by debris and bricks from Tuesday's clash▓es.Classes suspendedThe Education Bureau announced a full-day suspension of school on Th

rea has be
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en severely di

ursday due to safety concerns.Th

e chaotic traffic and dangerous road conditions have

made it very difficult for students

to attend classes, a bureau spokesperson said in a

statement.Schools had even re▓cei

ved threats to suspend classes for various periods.

srupted, with rail

 Some school buses were damag

ed after principals refused to comply,▓ Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said.The Chinese University of Hong Kong announced on Wednesday afternoon an abrupt end to the current semester, wi▓th all rema

ining classes canceled, after a full day of violent confrontation adjacent to its Sha Tin campus. The university arranged for s▓tudents to leave campus by bus.Following CUHK's decision,▓ the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said t

hat classes will be conducte

d online starting next week until the end o▓f the current term, given the escalation of unrest.Hong Kong Baptist University announced a similar online learning arrangement at the same time in view of potential disruptions

 to campus services due to the ongoing civil unrest.The Commissioner's Office of the Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region express▓ed firm opposition on Wednesday to false and mis